The coolest Japanese ice brand “MISATO HYOUSHITSU”(Misato Icehouse)

As a restaurant or bar owner, just like any other businesses, it’s only natural that you want the best for your customers, and you appreciate the fresh ingredients that are delivered to your kitchen by your trusted suppliers every morning. However, some may wonder if it really makes any significant differences where one gets its ice from? 

There are plenty of ice manufacturers out there around the world, but only very few companies can pride themselves on owning an ice brand like MISATO HYOUSHITSU (Misato Icehouse in Japanese) from the Japanese ice supplier Chusei Ice. 

Situated in Mie prefecture, an area that is blessed with one of the highest rainfalls in Japan, the company obtains its water, the most essential ingredient to make ice, from national parks scattered across the mountainous region. 

Quality soft water is pumped from the deep wells 150 meters below the ground that also form the headwater streams flowing into both Ise Bay and Osaka Bay. The water is then filtered through an iron and manganese removal device where the ion exchange resin reduces water hardness and softens its texture, along with the reverse osmosis membrane (RO) that enhances the water’s purity. 

Finally, the vacuum deaerator removes unnecessary air dissolved in the water to the minimum amount possible, thereby making the water crystal clear. 

The water is then processed into ice products in their FSSC 22000 certified factories, meaning the food safety management system at the facilities complies with the international industry standards. 

It’s typical of most ice manufacturers in the industry to spend up to 48 hours to produce ice from water, whereas the thorough ice-making process for the MISATO HYOUSHITSU brand requires 72 hours. Extra time and effort are put into the production of one of the best quality ice in the world. The ice stays at the warehouse for more than one day before being shipped out. This additional rest period is the secret to making crystal clear ice which is harder to melt, and that’s what sets the brand apart from the competition. 

From big sports and entertainment venues to leading restaurants and bars, business owners across Japan choose MISATO HYOUSHITSU brand to meet their needs for high-quality ice, and the brand has soon gained nationwide popularity as customers are impressed by the magical ice that’s elevating the taste of their desserts and drinks! 

The Japanese company is now working on bringing the brand to the rest of the world and having as many people enjoy its tasty ice as possible. 

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